A-Square rifles are like none other in the world. Their design fitness for purpose, quality of materials, and quality of workmanship is unmatched. A-Square rifles deliver more power, have less recoil, shoot with greater accuracy, and are more reliable than competing brands.

The unique features of an A-Square rifle include:

Match Quality, Stainless Steel Barrels – A-Square barrels are made of LW-50 stainless, a new alloy that is more wear resistant than any other. All barrels are honed and stress relieved so there is no break in period and no change in zero due to heat or repeated firing. The smoother interior surface also delivers better accuracy with less fouling build up and less cleaning.

Bench-Field Bedding – A-Square’s unique bedding process utilizes a special, steel-reinforced, epoxy compound and full-contact methodology. This delivers the accuracy of a bench rest rifle with the ruggedness of the toughest battle rifle. A-Square stocks never split from recoil and they are virtually immune from handling damage.

Fort Knox Magazine Box – A-Square magazine boxes are welded from plate steel. The boxes are then dovetailed into the receiver mortise and the box and receiver are welded into one piece. The Fort Knox Box never gets beat out of shape or knocked into misalignment. The A-Square rifle will always feed the next cartridge.

Controlled Round Feed – All A-Square rifles are true controlled round feed with a non-rotating claw extractor. Every round is held under control from the time the shooter places it into the magazine until the ejector kicks it out of the rifle. An A-Square rifle will even feed upside down.

Expanded Magazine Capacity – A-Square gives the capacity of a drop-box magazine without the poor handling and feeding problems of the latter. A-Square rifle magazine hold from 1 to 4 more cartridges than other rifles of the same caliber.

Coil Chek Stock – A-Square’s unique Coil Check stock is an ergonomic design resulting from the collaboration of an Orthopedist, an Internist, a Weapons system Engineer, and an Anthropologist. This stock transmits the recoil without causing pain or latent damage and reduces perceived recoil by over half. More details are found in Any Shot You Want.

All Steel Bottom Metal – The trigger guard and floor plate on A-Square are from machined steel and then are bedded into the stock like the action and barrel. This is the toughest of any rifle on the market.

Hardened Guard Screws – The guard screws on A-Square rifles are hardened. This allows more torque to be applied and makes the rifle stronger still.

Increased Firing Pin Fall – A-Square machines the cocking pieces from D-2 tool steel and then hardens them. The A-Square design allows for more firing pin retraction and thereby a longer firing pin fall (over .400″) for a much stronger firing pin blow. Yet there resistance to bolt lift is not increased and the stronger A-Square spring keeps lock time the same. No matter how cold or old the ammunition, the harder firing pin blow fires it.

Ever Clear Bolt Handle – A-Square’s bolt handles are extended and specially curved to allow clearance from the eyepiece of the scope while having the shooter’s thumb hooked over the bolt knob. This allows positive working of the bolt and eliminates having to brush the bolt open and closed with the palm, as is the case with almost all other rifles wherein the bolt knob just barely clears the scope.

Positive Retractor Safety – A-Square rifles have a positive safety which retracts the cocking piece from the sear and locks the cocking piece and the bolt handle. This is the best safety on the market and is covered in detail in Any Shot You Want.

All Weather Oil Stock Finish – A-Square stocks are sealed and given over 12 coats of hand rubbed oil finish. All interior surfaces are also sealed. It is impossible for water to get into the wood (short of working it over with a hatchet) and cause the stock to swell.

Dual Steel Cross Bolts – All A-Square rifles in .300 Pegasus and larger caliber have two steel cross-bolts. These are bedded into the stock like the action and barrel and covered with contrasting wooden plugs (which match the fore end tip).

Cerakote Coating on all Metal – All metal parts are Cerakote coated. This gives a uniform color regardless of whether the part is tool steel, stainless steel or chrome-molybdenum steel. The coating also prevents rust and allows for smooth operation without excessive oil or grease which can freeze in the Arctic or become clogged with dust in Africa.

Rugged Scope Bases – A-Square scope bases are machined from steel and machined to fit the surface on which they sit. They are held in place with 8×40 screws, not the flimsy 6×48 used on other rifles.

Better Scope Positioning – The A-Square rear scope base is machined longer than competing bases. They are also counter-milled to clear the eyepiece and power change ring on the scope. This allows for the eyepiece to be positioned 3/4″ to 1″ farther forward than on any other rifle. The shooter does not get hit in the head or eyebrow with an A-Square rifle.

Repeatable Quick Disconnect Unit – A-Square’s own Quick Disconnect Unit allows for the scope to be removed and replaced with absolutely no change in zero. This is useful when the shooter wants to use the iron sights for a short while or when the shooter wants to have two scopes for the same rifle, either as a back-up if one scope breaks, or for different shooting requirements.

All Steel Open Sights – A-Square open sights are machined from solid steel. The front bead is brass, .130″ in diameter. Each set of sights is individually shot in and machined with its rifle. These features provide the toughest sights on the market and a visibility (with the large bead) that cannot be defeated by poor light conditions.

A-Square Hamilcar Model Rifles Available in:

257 Wby
 6.5-06 A-Square
.264 Win
.270 Win
.270 Wby
.280 Rem
7mm Rem
7mm Wby
7mm STW
.308 Norma
.300 Win
.300 Win Short
.300 Wby
.338-06 A-Square

A-Square Hannibal Model Rifles Available in:

.300 Pegasus
8mm Rem Mag
8×68 S
.338 Winchester
 .340 Weatherby
.338 Excalibur
.358 Norma
 .358 STA
.375 H&H
.375 Weatherby
378 Weatherby
.400 A-Sq. DPM
.416 Taylor 
416 Remington
 .416 Rigby
.416 Weatherby
404 Jeffery
.458 Winchester
.458 Lott
.450 Ackley
.460 Sh. A-Sq.
.460 Weatherby
.470 Capstick
.495 A-Square
.500 A-Square
.577 Tyran.

A-Square Genghis Khan Model Rifles Available in:

 .243 Win
6mm Rem
.25 Souper
 .257 Wby
6.5-08 A-Square
6.5-06 A-Square
.264 Win

A-Square Caesar Model Left-Handed Rifles:
Available in all calibers for both Hamilcar and Hannibal except .577 Tyran


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