Many people think that the only hunting bullet to choose is the most streamlined spitzer boat tail bullet available. They are under this impression because they look only at the paper ballistics charts and equate killing power with foot-pounds of energy. This is not necessarily true. If shooting at extreme long range, where range estimation…Read moreRead more


The bullet is the key to success. When all is said and done, it is the terminal effect of the bullet which counts in the field. The sole purpose of the hunter and the rifle is to put the bullet in the right place so that the bullet can do its job. The finest equipment…Read moreRead more


A-Square rifles are like none other in the world. Their design fitness for purpose, quality of materials, and quality of workmanship is unmatched. A-Square rifles deliver more power, have less recoil, shoot with greater accuracy, and are more reliable than competing brands. The unique features of an A-Square rifle include: Match Quality, Stainless Steel Barrels…Read moreRead more